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A brief history

The cellar leads 55 hectares of vineyards, located between the Monreale and Partinico areas, ranging from 250 to 600 meters above sea level. Located at an average distance of 10/156 km from the sea, the vineyards receive, especially in the warm months, all the benefits of the sea breeze which, blowing decisively, guarantees the growing and subsequently ripening bunches that necessary ventilation so as not to allow the stagnation of air and humidity, consequently healthy growth. The districts where we grow the vineyards are located in the wide strip of very fertile land that starts from the mouths of the Jato river and the mythical Crismino to reach the naturalistic oasis of Mount Jato and Lake Poma, up to the borders of the Monreale territory.
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Established in 1960

Azienda Agricola Constantino L. & Figli s.s. Contrada Raccuglia
Italy, Sicilia