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Cantina Maremonti

A brief history

The success story of Maremonti can be traced back to 1994 when the then Sicily Wines began to produce a wine that associated love for the sea and art with the love for Sicilian vines.
Thus was born the Lisca Bianca label directly from the painting of Maurilio Catalano who destined the wine and the company to the success it deserved.

2004 is the year of the turning point, of the great change of the cellar, which under the administration of Salvatore Abbate changes dress with the light.
The positioning of the existing lines was redefined and a line dedicated to catering only was created.
Desio the line that from that moment on will mark the important stages of the Maremonti.

All this achieved without ever abandoning principles to which,

It is nice to see how the love and passion for the land, the grapes, the hand harvest, the sun, are today what, after more than a century, animates the work of the Abbate family, distinguished for its professionalism and commitment to growing the family business.

With the same passion, all the necessary steps are carried out to give each Maremonti wine its personality and the ability to meet the taste of its customers and satisfy their expectations.

It is also nice to be able to facilitate the pairing of wines with the best culinary recipes thanks to the useful indications in the labels of the new Maremonti brand which alone have given the wines a distinctive mark in the national paronama.

These are the ingredients of the success of Maremonti Vini, a Sicilian company driven by a passion for the land and its products.
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