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A brief history

Nero d'Avola Dammisa wine comes from the vineyard of the same name. This has been cultivated with the biodynamic farming method since 1989 by the Lo Giudice brothers, gathered in a small cooperative, the "Bioagricola", associated with the Coop. Salamita. The company is located on a strip of land in the hills of the municipality of Naro, in the province of Agrigento.

The Nero d'Avola grape is one of the oldest in Sicily. The plants are brought to awning, where the climate is cool at night and arid during the day. The care of the vine and grapes takes place with the use of natural products and according to the guidelines of biodynamic cultivation. The company is equipped with animals and therefore the fertilization of the plants takes place with biodynamic compound.

Harvesting takes place manually at the end of September, when the grapes are fully ripe.

Fermentation takes place naturally. Any residues on the bottom are due to the naturalness of the product. The wine is produced with Demeter quality grapes.
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