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A brief history

L ' Azienda Agricola Virone is familiar a company founded and led from 1960 by Michelangelo Virone worked by children.
Work done by hand and crops without the use of harmful products: these are the characteristics that distinguish the vineyards of the Virone Farm , which rise close to the sea, along the coast between the majestic Valley of the Temples of Agrigento and the Scala dei Turchi , in the districts of San Lorenzo, Ragabo, Narborello, Fauma Busacchio and Fauma Barancio.
The Virone Farm , with over fifty years of experience, cultivates excellent vines with traditional manual harvesting from which we obtain a very precious wine, Nero d'Avola DOC , with a unique flavor for its fruity hints of cherry.Our estates are mostly made up of vineyards, but there are also olive and almond groves.
We take care of our vineyards: the vines of our estates are grown without the use of harmful products such as pesticides or insecticides. Thanks to the ventilated position of the vines and the dry climate we only use sulfur. Furthermore, most of the work on the screws is done by hand.
For the vineyards we carry out the green pruning in spring, integrated with the winter pruning work, which guarantees the regular development of the vine canopy.
In our estates there are centuries-old olive trees, of Ogliara quality, and new Biancolilla plants.
The olive trees are also processed without the use of harmful products. The olive harvest takes place in October and the milling takes place within a few hours of harvesting.
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