Sicily Wine Country Guide

Sicily is the crossroads of the Mediterranean with a winemaking history going back 3000 years. With over 65 native wine varieties, Sicily makes flavors that can only be found on this island.

Explore Sicily

From the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the snowy peaks of Mount Etna, Sicily has most of the climates found in the rest of Italy concentrated in one beautiful island.

Sicily is the homeland of the iconic fortified wine: Marsala. You'll also find rich, full-bodied, deeply colored red wines with ripe fruit flavors, like wines made from the grape Nero d'Avola. At the same time, you'll find racy and refreshing white wines that pair well with the seafood here, such as those made of Grillo.

Sicily is a place that will defy your expectations. For example, most of the grapes planted here are white, not red, despite the warm climate. The soils here are not volcanic, despite it having Europe's tallest volcano. And it's not all about beaches and soft sand; Sicily has its fair share of mountains.

If you've just learned something new, imagine what else you'll discover about its indigenous grapes, its melting pot of Moorish, Greek, and Viking histories, and where to find the best granita.

Most vineyards in Sicily grow white wine grapes

  • Wine grapes have been in Sicily for nearly 3,000 years.
  • Julius Caesar was said to have enjoyed Sicilian wines, particularly Mamertino.
  • There are 23 DOCs and 1 DOCG in Sicily (Italy's highest quality wine designations).
  • Over 30% of Sicily's vineyards are organic.
  • 24% of Sicily is mountainous.
  • At 10,990 feet, Mount Etna is the highest mountain in Italy (outside the Alps).
  • White wine varieties make up 64% of vineyard plantings.
  • Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean.

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