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A brief history

The Agareno winery was born in 1999 as a consequence of the big changes and experiments carried out in the grape and wine field all around Menfi’s territory. A deep rooted love for their own land, a true interest and enthusiasm towards new ideas brought some young producers to go in for a fascinating journey in the world of fine quality wine. They started to make wine with grapes from selected vines cultivated in their own countryside and harvested by their own hands. The vineyards are located in Menfi’s territory and extend sloping down as far as the Mediterranean sea .The advices given by their fathers who have always worked in the country, together with the new experimentations and the renewed oenology make up the leading character of this young, Sicilian firm.
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Established in 1999

Azienda Agricola AGARENO Contrada Sant'Antonio
Italy, Sicilia


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