Sicily has more wine vineyards than any other Italian region and thousands of growers. Let's explore the list of Sicily's wineries.

Winemaking on the island of Sicily is older than the bible. Evidence from 6,000 years ago shows how wineries and winemaking are an integral part of Sicilian life.

Principi di Butera sits in the rolling hills in southeast Sicily.

Still, the creation of Sicilia DOC in 2011 created a massive boost in quality across the island's wines. It’s a region you can’t afford to ignore. You’ll find exceptional wineries on the three corners of the island:

  • Marsala is home to the majority of wineries on the island.
  • Southeast Sicily (around Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG) is another winery hotspot.
  • Mount Etna's unique terroir has attracted Sicily's most progressive wineries.