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A brief history

Italy's largest contiguous grape-growing region lies in far west Sicily. The small towns with an occasional farmhouse in amongst rolling hills planted with vines are the main attraction. Salaparuta is one of these towns and is situated in hilly territory at an altitude of 1,263 ft. It is mainly an agricultural center, producing olives, citrus, and other fruits most predominantly, grapes which are its main product.
The Italian government has given Salaparuta DOC classification.
The Ippolito family has been growing grapes for over four generations.
Each generation has bought a new passion to the cultivation and refinement of grape growing and wine production.
The family has a true respect for the land and its fruits.
The vineyards extend over 10 hectares and lie in amongst the hills between Salaparuta and Poggioreale.
The soil is rich and climate blessed with warm sunshine and very little rain. The grapes are resistant to many diseases.
This combination is an ideal environment for excellent grape production.
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