Fruity notes, hints of marasca cherry, currant, raspberry and plum predominate, enlivened by spicy aromas, flowery scent of violet.


In the mouth, mature fruit flavors supported by the presence of enveloping tannins, notes of vanilla, tobacco, liquorice and balsamic.


Traditional vinification, handed down for generations: moderate contact of the grapes with the fermenting must (about 36 hours), followed by soft pressing with a manual screw press a process that guarantees the respect of original aromas and flavors.

Wine produced in 2015, rested for over a year in oak barrels without any physical treatment before bottling. Any residuals are due to this treatment. The smell and the taste recall those of the bunch of ripe grapes Nero d'Avola just picked.


Ageing in old oak, 7.000L barrels


Intense ruby red color.