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A brief history

Baglio di Pianetto represents a dream come true, achieved when Conte Paolo Marzotto, in 1997, founded a winery in a corner of earth that he deeply loved. Conte Paolo combined his deep familiarity with the resources that have long made Sicily synonymous with high-quality viticulture with a connoisseur’s knowledge of the savoir faire of France’s great chateaux, to produce wines that showcased the unique character of the terroir of the Tenuta di Pianetto. Then, in 1998, with his purchase of the Tenuta Baroni, lying between the towns of Noto and Pachino, he launched a project that would fully demonstrate the potential of the Sicilian grape variety most representative of that area, Nero d’Avola.
Baglio di Pianetto’s two wine estates lie in opposite corners of Sicily, and are diametrical opposites in terms of elevation and terroir. But they each embody the winery’s philosophy of dedication to exalting terroir, of adopting viticultural practices precisely tailored to that diversity, of preserving natural resources, and of reducing to a minimum winemaking’s negative impacts on the environment.

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Established in 1997

Italy, Sicilia


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