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A brief history

"But inseminated and inarato everything is born there;
wheat, barley, vines that carry
wine in the bunches, and to them the rain of Zeus swells them"

~ Homer

«There everything is born» - thus Ulysses describes the wonders of the Island of the Cyclops to the court of the Phaeacians. And the same feeling was felt by those who walked the Geloi fields, the very fertile plain behind Gela on which the great Greek city founded its fortune.
Therefore, those who now return to the earth have good reasons to believe in it and a pinch of pride.

After having followed the engineering company for many years and having partly bought back the family properties, my father had decided to start producing important wines in Priolo Sottano where during the summer, as a young man, he followed the work in the countryside.

A project that we had decided together that, now, I will have to face alone, counting on my strength and the commitment that he himself would have put into it.
There are memories, there is a passion for the land and above all the will to do well.
The first three Demarete wine labels are born in our vineyards, in the forty hectares of property, next to the olive grove, to the greenhouses for both white and red table grapes, Vittoria and Black Magic, to peach groves and apricots.
We are nine kilometers from Gela, heading north east, towards the Ragusa area and just three kilometers from the sea. An excellent climatic situation for producing quality wine.
In particular native varieties: Grillo, Nero d'Avola and Frappato and international varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. In addition to Sicily and Italy, we aim to market our wines in Europe and outside the old continent.

Giusy Tuccio
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