An aromatic balance of rose and violets


Velvety with gentle tannins, great aromatic persistence

Growing Conditions

- SOIL: Mixed composition, mainly calcareous

- ALTITUDE: More than 200 metres above sea level

- VINEYARD: Vertical shoot positioning trellised vines or bush-trained, with medium-high plant density per hectare

- CLIMATE: Mild winters with fresh springs, hot and windy summers


Grapes are hand-picked in the second half of September


- VINIFICATION: Cryomaceration is used to promote aromatic and colour extraction, followed by long fermentation at a controlled temperature

- MATURATION: Occurs in stainless steel for more than two months


After bottling, the wines spends a month in the bottle in a temperature controlled cellar to develop aromas


Bright ruby red with intense violet hints

Food Pairing

Recommended with rich fish dishes, elaborate white meat or simple red meat and semi-mature cheeses