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A brief history

The Intorcia Winery was founded in 1930 by the Intorcia family, who still runs it to this day. Begun as a small family run winery, today the Cantine Intorcia covers an area of 25,000 square meters (around 270,000 square feet) with the capacity to process over 100,000 hectoliters (about 2,641,720 gallons) of wine, including evocative aging cellars capable of refining up to 20,000 hectoliters (528,344 gallons) of wine in oak barrels.

The estate has always been known and appreciated for its Marsala and dessert wines (Zibibbo, Moscato, and Malvasia) production. The winery is part of the Consorzio Volontario per la Tutela del Vino Marsala (Volunteer Consortium for the Protection of Marsala Wine). Culture, passion, history and tradition are intrinsic to Marsala wines and the Intorcia family.

The Intorcia family is strongly convinced that this is the time to re-propose the Marsala DOC worldwide. They are returning to their ancient traditions to protect the priceless heritage of a city, from which this wine takes its name.

Rediscovery of the wine terroir has been important for Francesco and his family, who are reevaluating the land and telling its story through their wines.
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Established in 1930

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