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Rigogliosi Giuseppe

A brief history

In the western part of the province of Palermo, almost on the border with that of Trapani, the Rigogliosi family manages a small farm of about 10 hectares, planted with vineyards and olive groves. The Rigogliosi company was born in the early 1900s, with 'grandfather Peppe' who began producing his first wine from a small vine of Catarratto.
The first selection of grapes for vinification and bottling was during the 2015 harvest, the goal was to "test" the potential of the raw material and the site. Thus was born the first label of the company: Falcoreale - IGT Terre Siciliane 2015 - in the Nero d'Avola and Catarratto varieties; the name draws its origins from the district of origin "Bosco Falconeria". The espalier vineyard dates back to 2008 and is Guyot trained. The care in the vineyard brings the production of grapes to about 80 q / ha for the nero d'avola and 95 q / ha for the catarratto; the harvest is carried out by hand, in the first ten days of September, through a careful selection of the bunches.
The agriculture of the Rigogliosi family blends tradition with modernity, the old vineyards of over 30 years are joined by the ten-year ones. We are about 400 m. above sea level, in sandy and calcareous soils, with a good daily temperature range. Rigogliosi wines communicate the beauty of their homeland and the value of ancient traditions. For years the company has been committed to the enhancement of the territory and the adoption of eco-sustainable methods, certified by the ICEA, and following the principles of organic viticulture, it obtains grapes and wines capable of expressing the nature and character of the soils. We therefore use only natural substances, present in nature, trying to develop an agriculture model that avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources and that can last over time,
We respect the territorial heritage by making wine exclusively from the grapes of our vineyards and taking care of the entire production process, from the vineyard to the bottle.
Rigogliosi wines communicate the beauty of their native land and respect for the value of ancient traditions.

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