A broad aroma and distinctly floral, recalling the scents of white flowers and Mediterranean citrus, with subtle hints of pear.


Fresh to the palate, dry and harmonious with a bold structure and a balanced sapidity.

Growing Conditions

The SIQUELIA wines are produced with grapes grown in the Alto Belice, currently one of the most renowned areas of Sicily for the production of quality wines, also where vines and wine have always been a constant presence. The terrains, mostly hilly, are of medium texture mainly clayey and located at altitudes ranging from 350 to 450 m s.l.m., with favorable exposures to the east / west.

This area has ideal microclimatic conditions with intense sunlight, mild temperatures, perfect for viticulture and also has a good temperature excursion between day and night, a key factor for the natural ripening process of the grapes and for the concentration of aromatic substances in their skins, which are able to retain a perfect balance, remarkable elegance and unique aromas that tie the wines to their territory of origin.


The vinification takes place without particular technical measures, in order not to alter the original qualitative potential of the grapes and its territorial expressions of origin.


The aging of white monovarietal wines takes place in thermoconditioned stainless steel tanks for 5/6 months, where it rests on the noble lees.


Bright straw-yellow color, with marked greenish reflections.

Food Pairing

Its fragrance and aromaticity make it a perfect paring with fish dishes, vegetables, white meats and spicy cheeses.