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A brief history

La Chiusa farm is located in the La Chiusa-Beviero district in Montevago (Ag), in South-Western Sicily at 400 meters above sea level and 20 km from the coast, on a limestone plateau constantly caressed by the Libeccio and the Mistral. Adjacent to the ruins of the old town (destroyed by the earthquake of 68), the company extends between vineyards and olive groves for almost 10 ha. The grapes enjoy a gentle climate, the saline breezes of the sea, not far away, arrive mild and the land, which has always been generous, gives the fruits minerality and unique aromas. My family and I have bet on quality, craftsmanship and respect for the territory and the environment. I grow and make wine, without the use of chemicals, Catarratto, Grillo, Syrah, Nerello Mascalese and Perricone, following the essence of the fruit and enhancing its natural inclinations. In this place full of history, I returned to make wine and relearn from wine.
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