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A brief history

Le Sette Aje wines are born in the heart of the Mediterranean, on the beautiful island of Sicily. A generous and overwhelming land, with intense light, an extraordinary breezy and dry climate, ideal for producing intense, rich and full-bodied wines, with unique aromas and aromas. Wines that fully reflect the unique and authentic flavor of Sicily.

Five hectares of land are home to native varieties of the western area of ​​Sicily: Grillo , the main one of our crops, to which are added Catarratto BL , Moscato Zucco , Carricante and Nerello Mascalese .

In the desire to rediscover the flavors of Sicilian culture and tradition, we are also active in the production of High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil . In our soils with a particular micro-climate there are more than 800 seedlings, young and ancient, of typical varieties of the Belìce Valley, such as Nocellara and Biancolilla , to which are added very ancient, rare and unique / almost disappeared cultivars such as Giarraffa , the Cerasuola , the Piddicuddara and the Murtiddara .
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