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A brief history

The Vasari family has been involved in the production of quality wines since 1628 in the hills overlooking the valley of the Mela river in the municipalities of Santa Lucia del Mela and Merì.

Respect for tradition and the stimulus for continuous innovations constitute the right balance between a history already written and one still to be written, in fact, as the futurists say "if wine is a drink of ancient traditions it is nevertheless a drink that is renewed annually, dynamic drink, which contains man-fuel and engine-fuel ".

A journey through time that, from generation to generation, accompanies the skilful and meticulous work of the Vasari family in the constant search for an exclusive product with authentic flavors.

History is a dive into art, it evokes events and emotions that have generated culture and passions, marking time and the generations that have followed.

It is precisely art, in all its facets, that inspired the Vasari family who, following their vocation, managed to create an indissoluble bond between the fruit of the intellect and that of the earth, transforming them into wine of great value.

Among the oldest in Italy, the cellar tells through its walls and those of the museum the story of a family but, above all, that of a territory that is the protagonist of great deeds.

Palazzo Basile-Vasari, today under the protection of Cultural Heritage, has welcomed illustrious names from Michele Basile (1832-1907), scholar and writer, to the futurist Ruggero Vasari (1898-1968), one of the major founders of the artistic and cultural movement of the twentieth century century.

Even today the roots of culture influence the skilled work that Ruggero Vasari and his young nephew Michele carry out in the cellar with a modern and innovative vision.
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