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Biologica Stellino

A brief history

Biologica Stellino was born in 2016 to give voice to our passion and enhance the characteristics of our plots, which have been completely converted to organic since 2008.
The properties tell a dream , that of my father's grandfather who, having returned " from the new continent ", invested his energy in the cultivation of vines.
Tommaso and Pietro , today the face, sweat and heart of Biologica Stellino, represent the fourth generation of a family that is passionate and dedicated to the land.
The company has grown over time , has increased the surface area and the varieties of grapes, continuously improving the quality of production and diversifying with the cultivation of almond trees, fruit trees, olive trees, grain legumes and wheat (the latter in rotation between them ).
The wines are born exclusively from organic autochthonous vines .
Our work looks to the future without forgetting respect for the environment, natural fertility and the life cycles of the land.
In the vineyard, with continuous studies and insights, we only use procedures that allow us to obtain good and healthy grapes.
Most of the cultivation operations are mechanical, except the harvest of the grapes which is carried out exclusively by hand so as to be able to make a selection in the vineyard of the best grapes to be vinified, but the harvest is the final act and is not the only one to give quality to our grapes, as all the operations in the vineyard contribute to this.

Biologica Stellino Wines