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A brief history

Excellent winemaking, since 1825

Our Cupranì's farm is a fertile ,217 hectares wide estate which is situated on the slopes of Monti Nebrodi, in a natural and wonderfull setting, between Etna and Eolian islands.

An untouched corner of autenthic Sicily, that represents ,since the far 1825, the story of 5 family generations and of our strong, unbreakable and traditional bond with this generous land.

Cupranì hosts a great variety of coltures: citrus fruits, chestnuts, and even nuts but since many years now the olive and the vine represent a natural vocation for the territory, and an important family commitment for which we are particularly proud.

The person that is driving the revival of these lands is Nicolas Gatti Russo that, after having spent the majority of his life in Argentina, in 2008 decides to come back to its origins in Sicily, to give a change and a leap to the firm in order to put it among the excellences of enology.
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Established in 1825

Via Nicolas Gatti Russo Contrada Cuprani
Italy, Sicilia




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