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A brief history

Care, Commitment, Passion and Seriousness

The Tenute Mokarta company takes its name from the hill of the same name in the sunny countryside in the city of Salemi.
This sunny territory is a fertile production for good vineyards. Here the company works to produce wines using artisanal techniques which are the best and most suitable solution to obtain an excellent grape juice.
The grape juice produced in this way is incomparable and becomes wine with adequate alcohol levels, good acidity in total and, above all, has the wonderful ability to characterize wines with a high load of aromas and a pleasant well-structured flavor.
In 1916 the Favuzza farm was born, managed with love and commitment by the family of the same name for generations. The company is run by the heir Paolo Favuzza and since 2005 by the eldest son Mario Emanuele Favuzza.
Thanks to the passion handed down to him by his father for vineyards and for the production of wine, the company has managed to establish itself on the Italian market, obtaining excellent results and positioning its wines in a medium-high market segment.
A few kilometers from Salemi, in the heart of the province of Trapani, insisting on the Mazara valley, stands the sunny hill of Mokarta.
A succession of vineyards alternating with olive trees and small plots of wheat facing south, the position at more than 450 meters above sea level, the particularly fertile soil and the touch of the sirocco and the sea breeze make the Contrada Mokarta a particularly suitable terroire to the production of quality grapes.

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