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A brief history

The name Terresikane has always been recognized as an expression of the highest wine and agricultural vocations of its territory. A company that stands out in wisdom and quality, which is why it has managed to be appreciated right away on the international scene.
Innovation and distinctive oenological skills represent the assets on which the competitive value of the company rests which, combined with a particular attention to the tradition of the cultivation of its territory, expresses a unique and inimitable connotation.
Terresikane is a family-run farm formed by a young and passionate management of their work. The vines are located in the territory of Butera, a geographical area particularly suited to the production of excellent wines, and this thanks to a particularly mild climate throughout the year and a sea breeze that continuously envelops the land.
The company has its registered office in Riesi, a town located in the south of Sicily and a world leader for its Riesi DOC wines. The company's vineyards, on the other hand, extend to the Turchiotto-Gurgazzi districts, in the territory of Butera. Butera rises on a mountain, 402 meters above sea level; placed on a rocky spur overlooking the plain of Gela and not far from the southern coast of the island, Butera was one of the most important cities in Sicily in the Middle Ages.
Rich, populous and well fortified, the Butirah of the Arabs became, with the Normans, the seat of a county in the hands of the most powerful Lombard family who came in the wake of Ruggero's third wife. Magnified by Idrisi, it was destroyed in 1161 by William I for having been the center of the anti-monarchical baronial opposition. Repopulated with the Swabians, it was long disputed between the Angioni and the Aragonese. In 1543, for having defeated the pirate Barbarossa, Ambrogio Santapau Branciforte was appointed prince of Butera, which remained the main feudal title of Sicily until the 19th century.
We employ the work of the best specialists in the sector. The working process starts from pruning in order to guarantee an optimal vegetative-productive balance, and then follows with an exclusively organic fertilization. After budding, we perform a green pruning, selecting the future shoots that will give life to the bunches.
We constantly monitor the vineyard and, during the veraison phase, we continue with the selection of the bunches and with a slight defoliation in order to allow a homogeneous ripening of the grapes, waiting for the right moment to start the harvest phase.
The vinification is carried out at a controlled temperature in order to allow an optimal enhancement of aromas and flavors. The wines, before the bottling phase, follow a different path of conservation and aging, both in Allier oak barriques and in steel tanks, depending on the type of product to be placed on the market.
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