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A brief history

Vini Campisi are Marcin Oz, Sergio and Marco Mazzara.
We run an organic vineyard in the southern tip of Sicily.

Our field is located between Noto and Pachino in Contrada Buonivini.
We cultivate our Syrah and Nero d'Avola grapes on ca. 7 hectares of prevalent lime stone soil with 0 use of chemicals.
We do most of the works in the field by hand, also the harvest. The lunar calendar helps us choosing the right moment for the necessary operations.
Thanks to steady ventilation and favorable climatic conditions the use of organic pesticide is hardly necessary. Most of our neighbors are also organic or in conversion.
We are proud to be in a place where the culture of growing grapes is more then 2500 years old.
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Contrada Buonivini 36°45'03.1"N 15°00'31.4"E
Italy, Sicilia


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