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Vinicola Tombacco

A brief history

Our story goes back a long way, since Giovanni Batista Tombacco decided to indulge his love for the land and found the first farm that produced peaches. A few years later, in 1919, aware that the nature of our territory could transform ancient vines into good wine capable of making people live better even in historically complex moments, he decided to transform the company into a wine-growing business.

The passion for the land and its fruits also infected Batista's children, who, following in their father's footsteps, continued to grow the company step by step. In the 1960s Bruno Tombacco, thanks to his experience gained in Venezuela, enlarged the winery and created logistic warehouses in Venice, Mestre and Jesolo, and was followed in the business until 1972 by his brother Adriano.

Since then, the tradition passed into the laborious hands of his younger brother Giuliano, who is still at the helm of the winery today. Initially, the collaboration with four other brothers led to sharing a growth project, also thanks to the acquisition of the Trevisana farm, which enlarged the Tombacco estates.

Since 2005, with the arrival of the third generation, the renowned Tombacco Winery has renewed its management, starting a path towards a future of qualitative growth, affirmation of its labels on the world market and sustainable development of production. Andrea who collaborates in the administrative aspects and Cristian, administrator of the winery together with his father Giuliano, contributed to the birth in 2007 of 47 Anno Domini, a brand from the group that blends family tradition and innovation typical of a contemporary approach projected towards tomorrow.

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