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A brief history

We love our land,origins, and roots. We have taken the responsibility to communicate our moments of Sicily through our wines. Each vintage always shows emotions. Every vintage is different, our goal is to tell, interpret and celebrate, year after year, the peculiarities of our the peculiarities of our grapes. The rich soils of the vineyards, our hard work and care, along with the Sicilian sun, allow the roots of the vines to grow and produce exquisite grapes. The 30 hectares of land that lie between Marsala, Mazara and Salemi, with altitudes ranging from 100 to 280 meters, express the typical Sicilian territory of vineyards inherited from our forefathers. The winery is the result of the dream of our family. It reflects our hospitality, our desire to innovate and respect the environment. It is the place where every day we seek excellence.
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Italy, Sicilia


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