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A brief history

From the love for its territory and from a over 650 years family tradition, the company Azienda Valenti has always stood out for the great quality of its products and the creative passion they convey. In addition to the crafting of wines such as Moscato di Noto Acantus, revival of "Pollio" one of the oldest wines in the world with about 2770 years of history, Azienda Valenti put the wine as the focus point of a global taste. It creates a personal "Planet Wine, " where wines are not limited to accompany the food, but partecipates to the composition of different types of aliments, deeply transforming and improving them, giving an unique scent and taste. This planet is created under the wise direction of the owner Francesco Valenti in total synergy with highest level food producers, which make for Azienda Valenti their very personal and unique recipes, combining the wines with production of foods of high quality and uniqueness. The ranges goes from savoury to sweet, always starting from the use of basic wines, to Moscato Acantus Dry DOC salumi (cold cuts), Moscato Acantus DOC jellies and jams, to a variety of Moscato "panettone" sweet breads, and the finest Modica's chocolate pralines filled with Moscato Acantus DOC cream. A basket of unique products in scents, flavors, fragrance, softness and durability, in which the Moscato Acantus DOC, mainly in its dry and sweet version (TOP HUNDRED ITALIAN 2006), embraces foods ingredients, creatively amalgamating inedited flavors.
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