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A brief history

Since 1971, the men of Cantina Corbera have been cultivating with wisdom and love the sun-kissed grapes that grow in the Belìce Valley and produce quality wines.

The name Corbera was chosen in memory of Baron Antonio Corbera founder of Santa Margherita di Belìce, the city where the Corbera winery is located and where most of the members live.

In the logo of the Corbera winery there is a crow that recalls the emblem of the noble Corbera family of Santa Margherita di Belice.

Our territory stretches across three provinces: Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento. With an extension of about 1700 hectares, the land owned by our members, spread over hills at about 600 meters above sea level, entirely oriented to the sun and only 17 km from the sea. Exactly these lands inspired Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa in the drafting of the novel “The Leopard”.

The soil, clay and limestone, is the best for the vine: it allows the roots to exceed 12 meters underground. This penetration into the soil allows a great absorption of mineral salts. The semi-exotic vegetation provides different scents and flavors to the bark, which in turn gives the wine the hints of violet, almond, wheat, up to a floral finish.

No wine, even if coming from the same grape variety, can be compared to ours. Our territory makes each variety unique, not just the native ones.
The Sicilian vineyards are extremely ancient: first the Phoenicians and then the Greeks appreciated our territory for the cultivation of the vine.
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