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A brief history

The story of Ermes's winery has its roots in a recent past of destruction and reconstruction. During the night between the 14 and the 15 of January 1968 a devastating earthquake wiped out part of the small towns in the belice's valley such as : Gibellina, Salaparuta, Poggioreale, Partanna, Santa Ninfa, Salemi, Santa Margherita of Belice, Montevago and Sambuca of Sicilia. From that same land, where so much was taken away a group of young grape growers decided to start over, embarking themselves onto a path of evolution. In 1998 a social and and economic redemption was accomplished by founding Ermes's winery, whose headquarters are located in the heart of Belice's Valley, between Gibellina and Santa Ninfa communes.

Nowadays Ermes's winery is one of the most important producer of the whole Island, with its 2.373 members and around 12.000 hectares of vineyards located amongst Trapani, Agrigento and Palermo's district. In these areas are grown with passion and sacrifices the best selection of indigenous and international varietals.
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Established in 1998

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