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A brief history

Donnafugata is a family winery in Sicily with more than 170 years of experience in quality wine. Founded in 1983 by Giacomo Rallo and his wife Gabriella, Donnafugata is credited with innovating Sicilian wine style and perception around the world thanks to its passion and commitment. In the fifth generation, José and Antonio Rallo now lead the company and a team of people committed to excellence.

Sicily is a wine-growing continent with extraordinary potential and great richness in biodiversity. Donnafugata embodies this diversity by cultivating its 410 hectares of vineyards spread over four very different production sites: in western Sicily from the steep terraces on Pantelleria overlooking the sea to the hilly vineyards in Contessa Entellina, in eastern Sicily in the renominated growing-area of Vittoria DOC to the mountainous vineyards on the volcano Etna, striving to obtain the best combination of terroir and grapes.

Finally, the historical family cellars in Marsala are an example of a continuously updated productive reality. A scenographic underground barrique cellar can be visited here.
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Established in 1983

Historic Winery Donnafugata Via S. Lipari, 18
Italy, Sicilia


Meet The Team

  • Antonio Rallo

    Co-owner and CEO of Donnafugata, Antonio Rallo is a dedicated agronomist and winemaker, endowed with strategic vision and committed to Sicilian wine. He oversees the total production of Donnafugata, which has historic cellars in Marsala and vineyards of more than 400 hectares in western Sicily in Contessa Entellina and Pantelleria, as well as eastern Sicily in Vittoria and Etna.

    Currently, he is also the head of the Consorzio di Tutela della DOC Sicilia ("Consortium for the Protection of Sicilian DOC"), an instrument of promotion and territorial cohesion that includes 8,300 winemakers. In 2016 and 2017, he served as president of the Unione Italiana Vini, the main national association for wine companies.

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