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A brief history

Wine has always been a part of our family’s history. Passion and commitment lay behind our decision to carry into the future our deep bond with the great tradition of these lands, where the first people to plant vines and produce wine were the Greeks. In recent decades we have been part of the great undertaking that is the renaissance of Sicilian wine and responded to the challenge of producing contemporary wines, which has involved rediscovering indigenous vines, sustainable organic agriculture, experimentation, research and innovation. We are bringing the quality and merits of Cerasuolo di Vittoria and the great Sicilian wines to the world and increasing their product image recognition. And we do it with pride, honoured to represent a production area of excellence: past, present and future come together in the generous wealth of this land.

Crus from the beautiful Pettineo vineyards, with their indigenous vines and an entirely organic sector as well international varieties and Sicilian whites, which we have discovered to be highly versatile and adaptable to these lands historically renowned for their great reds. Then there are specialities such as rosé, sparkling wine and a dessert wine. Our range of wines reflects the history of our research and experimentation efforts. Every shelf tells a story related to our family, to decades-long work, to the passion that drives us constantly to look forward, to bring the essence of this land to every bottle.
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