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A brief history

In our wines there is the passion of those who produce, the desire to amaze and be amazed, when the hard work in the vineyard and in the cellar turns into smells, colors, into magical sensations that inebriate you. There is the hope of leaving a memory in those who drink, which becomes an immortal image of precious moments spent together with those who love each other. There is the desire to capture all that nature offers you and the curiosity to see how your skills manage to maintain that miracle over time. Finally, there is the fun of those who deeply love wine.

Vine and wine, an essential combination of our land , have been our profession since the time of our grandparents, who cultivated the gentle slopes of the hills around Alcamo continuing an oenological tradition whose origins are lost in the mists of time.

On the other hand Alcamo is renowned for its excellent Bianco d'Alcamo wine (today a fine DOC) , a dry wine that has distant origins: already in 1549 it was included among the best wines by an oenologist of the Pope, who considered his table unguarded without its white wine from the lands of Alcamo.

Many do not know that the word "wine" has its origins from the Sanskrit verb "vena" which means "to love" from which in Latin "Venus". It is an act of love for our land, to continue the tradition of our grandparents with perseverance, attention and commitment, to bring our best wine to your table!
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