Iodine, light floral and herbaceous notes, candied fruits.


Clear and decisive sip, excellent combination of finesse and acidity. Silky tannins on the finish.

Growing Conditions

Sparkling wine obtained by Catarratto and Grillo grapes, cultivated with organic/biodynamic approach.

- Territory ∙ Camporeale
- Agronomic technique ∙ Biodynamic - Organic
- Altitude ∙ 550 m.s.l.m.
- Vineyard exposure ∙ North-South
- Soil composition ∙ Sandy, with the presence of sandstone.
- Training system ∙ Guyot
- Plant density ∙ 4000 vines/ha


Harvested by hand in small cases.

- Yield ∙ 80 q
- Harvest period ∙ I° decade of September


Separately macerated on skins, blended, and aged together for 6 months in cement vats. Re-fermented in bottle by adding must to the base wine. Unfiltered and not disgorged, with the presence of yeasts in the bottle.

- Vinification of the base ∙ Destemming with previous cooling at 8°C in the cell, maceration on the skins, fermentation at controlled temperature with indigenous yeasts.

- Refermentation in bottle ∙ Addition of must to the base wine. Not disgorged, with presence of yeasts.


In concrete tanks for 4 months on noble lees.


Bright amber color

Food Pairing

Ideal to accompany raw or cooked fish, structured dishes with a sweet/fatty tendency.