Notes of fruit that are slightly ripened (white peach and pear) mixed with notes of dry yellow flowers.


Intermediately tart, possessing good viscosity, manifesting a pleasurable minerality and freshness.

Growing Conditions

This grape prefers terrain that is typically sandy and sloping, and with lots of sunlight. The type of farming is “Espalier”, used with an average density of planting where there are 4500 plants per 2.5 Acres.


Chardonnay is an average – early varietal with maturity reached around the end of August. Collected from the grapes, the vinification is partially covered by the air (a technique called “semi-reduction”), the settling is natural, and the fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 64 degrees for 13 days in steel tanks. 15% of the must matures in wooden French barriques. Successively, the 2 components are united and conclude their maturation in steel.


Soft straw yellow

Food Pairing

Pairs well with antipasto of raw fish and shell-fish dishes. Optimal with mixed fried food.