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Tenute Rosselli

A brief history

Tenute Rosselli draws strong inspiration from the fantastic Sicilian territory, a point of convergence of great contradictions, but also of great passions, a crossroads of wild or enlightened peoples, a land that overwhelms and upsets the soul.
Tenute Rosselli was born a few years ago as a farm specialized in the production of the finest extra virgin olive oil. The passion for the fruits of the earth, grown with organic methods combined with that for cooking, have pushed Gregorio Rosselli, a young entrepreneur of great initiative, to increase agricultural activity and direct it towards the production of wines of the highest quality. Thus the two wine lines see the light: the 6 point 4, whose name steeped in history brings us back to the earthquake of the Belìce valley in 1968,

and the line inspired by the concept of movement, reinterpreted according to the Sicilian dialect, one of the oldest and most characteristic in Italy. The movement, the change that is life (even when it makes the earth tremble), therefore, as opposed to the stillness, the monotony that leads to death, constitutes the concept, as well as the first inspiration of these wines, which contain strong and full-bodied flavors. deep and furrowed by different facets, as well as the earth and the sun that made them mature.

Tenute Rosselli Wines