Floral, with pleasant hints of jasmine, citrus
flowers and yellow flowers, fruity such as peach, apricot, tropical fruit


Fresh for acidity, of good persistence, with citrus and floral flavors that accompany its closure; the taste is balanced, harmonious and savory.

Growing Conditions

Vineyard location: Contrada Senia and Contrada Mortilla
to Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG); Eastern Sicily
Methods of growth: Espallier, spurred cordon
Plant density: 4000/5000 Vines for hectare
Production for hectare: 60/70 Quintals for hectare


Harvest period: End of the second decade of August


bottle-aged for 2 Months


This wine is obtained from grapes that have
reached an average aromatic and polyphenolic maturation. Vinification in white, temperature-controlled maceration at a controlled temperature of 12-14 ° degrees


6 months in stainless steel vats


Yellow color with greenish reflection

Food Pairing

White ideal for seafood, pasta dishes with
vegetables or fish, white meats, baked fish, or carpaccio