Intense, with a great olfactory finesse; it releases particular hints of dry figs, carobs, burnt sugar and sweet spices


Full to the palate, full-bodied, warm and embracing, with a balsamic and agreeable aftertaste but not very sweet

Growing Conditions

- Production area: Marsala territory (act 851 28th/11/1984)

- Growing system: Espalier with Guyot pruning




In steel tanks at controlled temperature (25/26°C); once got the basic wine, we make the “blend” which consists in the addition of ethyl alcohol of wine origin, cooked must and “mistella” to the basic production in order to let it get the organoleptic and sensorial complexity, typical of Marsala wine


- Wood refining: At least 2 years in oak barrels

- Maturing in bottles: At least 3 months


Dark amber

Food Pairing

Excellent dessert wine to pair with dry and creamy sweets of the sicilian confectionery; but it pairs very well with seasoned cheese, dry fruit and artisan chocolate from Modica