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A brief history

Our brand tells about us: it reveals the family history in its components and properties, expresses our ambitions, our roots, our territory.
The shield is Giacomo, the founder, who envelops the members of the family in an embrace and protects the perimeter of the estates.
The diamond in the central position represents the transparency but also the solidity of the bonds and therefore alludes to Catherine, wife and mother.
The declining curves symbolize the soft hills of the Salaparuta area, a rich and fertile land, strongly suited to viticulture.
And they draw the silhouette of a hawk flying over the vineyards, to represent the pursuit of excellence that never stops.
The Vaccaro company aims to enhance the viticultural heritage thanks to a rigorous selection in the vineyard, to an accurate work in the cellar, but also thanks to research.
The traditions handed down from previous generations are therefore constantly improved and updated by technological innovations.
In our cellar everything is based on functionality: after harvesting, strictly manual in crates, the grapes are started, in a short time, for the vinification process.
The wines ferment in steel silos at a controlled temperature, while the reds mature in a small cellar created in the basement. To give the wine the right complexity, the aging takes place in barriques and tonneaux. Here the wines are constantly monitored and tasted by expert technicians: only when the wines have reached their maturity will they go into the bottle and the refinement process will continue there.
The bottling line is modern and of high technological level for a better conservation of the organoleptic characteristics of each wine. This is our philosophy: the continuous search for quality while respecting the environment, the exaltation of the terroir with the enhancement of its deepest peculiarities, consumer protection.
All these elements play a fundamental role in the choices but we are not only looking for oenological rigor or cellar techniques: we consider them only starting points because with us passion is the real component that makes a wine a great wine.
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