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“Wine is a compound of fluid and light”
Galileo Galilei


In the heart of Sicily, where the golden light weaves a tapestry-like mosaic under a clear sky, lies a beautiful oasis that is the cradle of great indigenous Sicilian grapes and the ‘chosen land’ of Nero d’Avola.

Principi di Butera lies in the province of Caltanissetta: it covers an area of 320 hectares that includes over 170 vineyards 35 of olive groves and wheat fields too.

The varietals and the organic properties of the land, combined with a distinctive microclimate that benefits from sea breezes, make these ancient lands, which once belonged to the Princes of Butera, an ideal site for sustainable viticulture and a nature reserve with unique biodiversity.

This area, with its colourful citrus fruits and scents of the Mediterranean scrubland, yields elegant, finely-fragranced wines with great intensity and freshness.

The estate is located in one of the Island’s most mineral-rich areas, close to the Mediterranean coast and between the Temples Valley, in Agrigento, and Piazza Armerina with the Roman Villa, two of the most important sicilian Unesco World Heritage Site .

The Zonin family, owners of the Principi di Butera since 1997, have always aimed to celebrate this unique, sun soaked and perfume rich land by producing world class wines which express the full force and soul of Sicily.

A fortified manorhouse owned by the most prominent families of the island with its breathtaking “Baglio” immersed in an unbridled oasis of intensity, contrasts, beauty and peacefulness are the ideal place for an authentic sicilian wine experience.

We value hospitality very highly so we have provided a variety of solutions for winelovers: tours of the vineyards and of the winery, wine tastings, lunches, cooking class, blending games and other special experiences tailor made for our guests.
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