Surprisingly fruity; reminiscent of white mulberry, yellow melon, and small wild berries.


Full taste in mouth, persistent, fresh with a hint of minerals that gives us hope for a long life. These notes make this wine important and surprisingly responsive to the vine and the territory.


The grapes are harvested by hand in small crates.

- YIELD PER HECTARE: 70 quintals

- HARVEST PERIOD: 2th and 3th dacade of October


After harvest they are quickly brought to the winery where and manually selected on a belt-conveyor. Destemmed and slightly crushed, they are sent to the vertical press where they are gently pressed. The must is clarified at low temperatures, and left to ferment at 15/16 °C. After fermentation the wine obtained rests on the lees for about three months.

- AREA OF PRODUCTION: Progettazione etichetta: Castiglione di Sicilia,
northern slopes of mount Etna

- GROWING SISTEM: Counter-espalier

- PRUNING SYSTEM: Cordon pruned and tied-up vine


Cherry colour tending to old pink.