The bouquet is refined and sophisticated. A subtle combination of cherry and
ripe morello cherry aromas and fresh hints of blueberry and raspberry,
accompanied by an intense mineral note of flint.


The flavour is bold, full and sumptuous. A highly-structured body, shot through
and tautly sustained by a fresh mineral note. The mouthfeel is long, silky and

Growing Conditions

2016 can be considered a particularly lucky vintage for Butera, more in terms
of quality than quantity, characterised on the whole by regular if not entirely
ideal climatic development during each phenological phase, from vegetative reawakening to harvest. A cool, dry spring was followed by a summer punctuated
by episodic rainfall, rare peaks in temperature and significant variations in dayto night-time temperatures, typical of the area. This particularly favourable
situation enabled the vines to establish a natural equilibrium and the grapes to
ripen uniformly. The harvest in the Deliella vineyard, which was later than usual,
beginning in early October, produced Nero d’Avola grapes that were intact,
fragrant, crunchy yet also succulent, yielding a truly thrilling red wine.
The soil is rich in clay, silt, sand with a good percentage of larger stony matter and up to 15%
active limestone.
The vines are spurred-cordon trained, using a particular bespoke pruning
system that aims to guarantee the natural lymphatic flow within the vine by
reducing the size of the cuts. Canopy management is very important and is
carried out strictly by hand with meticulous care. Leaf thinning is performed
on the east side, the so-called ‘morning side’, an operation that allows the
skin of the berries to become thicker, fostering gradual ripening by light
rather than by heat, thereby avoiding over-ripening. To guarantee high quality,
strict thinning out of the bunches is carried out, which significantly reduces
yields per hectare. Furthermore, total elimination of weed killers has occurred
thanks to the skilful working over of the soil under the vine rows.


By hand in 15kgcrates


Deliella ages for 14 months, 90% in large, 30 hl and 60 hl barrels and 10% in
second-use 350-litre tonneaux.


After blending in stainless steel, the wine ages
in the bottle for about a year.


Ruby red.

Food Pairing

Excellent with full-flavoured first courses, white and red meats - either grilled
or served with sauces - ideal with baked lamb and matured but not marbled