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A brief history

Musita is the historical name of the hill where the winery was built in the 70s of the past century. We, the four Ardagna brothers and sisters, took it over, renovated it completely in 2011 to the best of todays' winemaking equipment and, together with their daughters and sons and precious and skilled team members, are now writing a new story of dedication, care and improvement.

We celebrate the territory with our wine, which for us is a language, a narration of the beauty of our village, Salemi. We are interpreters of Sicilian elegance: an eco-sustainable vision that embraces the entire island and includes not only native but also international grape varieties.
Musita wines can be traced back to the different pedo-microclimates present in the Salemi area: different grape varieties and grapes, different properties and characteristics, but only one "Sicilianity".

The company's vineyard area consists of approximately two hundred hectares, 50 of which are under direct management, mainly on the hilly terrain of the Salemi area, with an average altitude of five hundred metres above sea level.
The indirect vineyards are part of the "partners in the vineyard" project, which involves Sicilian winegrowers in the application, under our guidance and supervision, of the Musita quality protocol.
The climate, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers, ensures that the grapes ripen perfectly, helped by the wide temperature range.

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Established in 2011

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