This is a very lively, lively and fresh sparkling wine where the characteristics of a classic Sicilian vine grown in the high hills are enhanced. Very fragrant and soft in the finish with notes of exotic fruit and citrus.

Growing Conditions

- PRODUCTION AREA: Western Sicily, hilly areas in and around Salemi.

- SOILS: Medium-textured, tending to calcareous.

- VINEYARD: Espalier with Gujot training.


End August


Soft pressing of the grapes harvested in boxes.
Cold static decantation of the must. Subsequent inoculation with selected yeasts and first fermentation at controlled temperature for about 15 days. Long re-fermentation in autoclave the following spring and isobaric bottling.


A few months before consumption

Food Pairing

try it with finger food and some delicate recipes of the asian cuisine