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Cantine De Gregorio

A brief history

Once an small village in the countryside, built around a watchtower dating back to the ‘400s; then, a winery in the ‘700s, where they produced a delicate yet intense wine with ancient techniques; after that, a small Olive Oil factory that made olive oil only for personal needs and, finally, towards the end of 1800s, an elementary school was hosted here, with very few classrooms where the teachers arrived riding horses.

This was once the life lived in the village of Ragana (name that comes from ancient Arab word Ras-hana, meaning “land of friendship”) and it’s right here that Ugo Testoni started to produce wine, inspired by those ancient traditions. His wine was well known and valued in the area and beyond.

Ugo Testoni’s daughter Maruzza and her husband Ascanio, together with their children, have rebuilt the old winery trying to give new life to the memory of the place, combining techniques of the past with innovative wine-making methods.

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