Fruited with elegant notes of yellow pulp fruit mixed with explosive hints of vanilla and hazelnuts that come from the aging in the barrels.


Enveloping and elegant with an important structure balanced by a fine mineral and a pleasant sourness that are in harmony with the tannins of wood with the hints of fresh fruit. It also predominate a magnetic seafood taste.

Growing Conditions

Production area: South western Sicily, Contrada Ragana (Sciacca), Carboj islands

Disposition: 50 meters above sea level

Relief: level

Land: silty-clay in sub-alkaline reaction, with the presence of total limestone in small quantities, poor in nutrients (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc).

- Area: Sciacca, Carboy islands
- Pruning: Guyot
- Density: 4500


Wine obtained by Chardonnay grapes in pureness. The harvest is at half august.

- Harvesting: August
- Method: by hand
- Yield: 65 per Ha.


The vinification is made in French durmast barrels. It is aged in new and second passage barrels for a period of about 6 months, and for other six months the wine is aged in the bottle. It’s a wine with an important structure and fullness, but also delicate and elegant.

- Fermentation: barriques


12 months in barrel, 4-5 months in steel and at least 6 months in bottle

Food Pairing

Perfect with smoked fish, with pasta dishes of the typical Mediterranean cuisine, preferably based on a bottom fish such as grouper, and with almost all kinds of risotto. Excellent with raw ham, mushroom molds, the sauced and elaborate white meats and with seasoned cheeses.