It has a very rich, fine and balanced flavor with hints of fruits and flowers.


. It is characterised by elegant sapidity, minerality and by a full aromatic taste which conveys an incredible pleasantness to the mouth.

Growing Conditions

Production area: South western Sicily, Contrada Torrenova, Men estate, and Contrada Isole Carboj, Sciacca estate.

Disposition: 50 meters above sea level.

Relief: Hilly flat.

Land: slity-clay in sub-alkaline reaction, with the presence of total limestone in small quantities, rich in nutrients (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc).

- Area: Sciacca C/da Isole Carboy
- Pruning: Guyot
- Density: 4000


- Harvesting: August
- Method: By hand
- Yield: 65 per Ha.


- Fermentation: In steel


6 months


Light-colored with greenish reflections.

Food Pairing

Great as aperitif or with crustacean starters and raw fish. It pairs up very well with warm or cold fish dishes and it’s perfect to celebrate any special occasion.