The nose is particular. It reminds the violet, the rose, but also important sensation of wild strawberries, raspberry, spicy sensation such as green pepper and sweet as cinnamon.


The sip is intense, fresh, very pleasant with an extremely smooth tannin. We notice a characteristic sapidity, expression of the territory where the vineyard is grown, where Lake Biviere and the sea breeze caresses the bunches.

Growing Conditions

- Production area: Nature Reserve of Biviere Lake
- Type of soil: white limestone and red sands
- Cultivation system: espalier/ Guyot cordon spur pruning
- Planting density: 4000 - 5000 plants per hectar
- Yield grape/HA: 75-90 quintals


Manual, second ten days of September


After the crushing, the maceration on the skin starts. It lasts from 5 to 7 days. The fermentation takes place at the controlled temperature of 26°C, with short and frequent pump-overs which decrease their frequencies at the end of the fermentation. The malolactic fermentation takes place after the alcoholic fermentation.


In stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature for 4 to 5 months, 2 months in bottle


Slightly transparent, extremely bright, a ruby red wine.

Food Pairing

The feature of frappato allow us to play with the service temperature. Reducing the temperature around 10° we can serve it for example with seared tuna, fish cooked in foil, grilled vegetable, and why not, pizza.

At an higher temperature, 14/16°,to mid-aged cheese and white meats.