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A brief history

Our story begins in 1875 when Vito Curatolo Arini decided to build a winery in the middle of his own vineyards.
From the very beginning, quality of the product and foreign markets were his focus.
At the beginning of the XIX century, Vito Curatolo Arini was one of the first wineries exporting to the USA and South America. The numerous awards received are testimony of both good entrepreneurial skills and excellent quality of products. Furthermore, in what could be defined a modern way, Vito gave huge importance to packaging - our first label was designed by the well-known architect from Palermo, Ernesto Basile, father of the Sicilian "Liberty Style" or Art Nouveau.
This label, that we like calling "La Damina", is still currently used for our best Marsalas and admired throughout the world for its originality and elegance. At Vito's death in 1896, the winery passed on to his sons, Francesco, Vito, Leonardo e Giuseppe who carried out their father's hard work building its notoriety.
In the '70s the company creates a joint venture with the Seagram Group. Assisted by wine experts from the Californian Davis Wine Institute, the winery starts table wine production.
In the '90s with the assistance of Alberto Antonini, the winery started the monovarietal project: modern tasting wines expressing all the unique characters and flavours of our different terroirs.
Today, Vito’s Grandson Roberto and Great Grandson Sergio keep alive the dream together with the new generations Riccardo and Alexandra.
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Established in 1875

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