It has hints of raisins and vanilla.


It is dry, full and harmonic on the palate

Growing Conditions

Produced in the province of Trapani, Western Sicily. Medium clay soil. Counter-espalier, spurred cordon pruning.


Manual harvesting in September.


For the base wine, soft press and slow fermentation at a controlled temperatures of 20 - 25°C. Alcohol, mistella (fresh grape must with added alcohol) and mosto cotto (concentrated fresh grape must which is traditionally “cooked” until it reduces to a third of its original volume) are then added to the base wine, thus giving it respectively its final alcohol content, the desired sugar level and the traditional flavour.


Aged for over 2 years (minimum 1 by law) in Slavonian oak barrels of 500 hl


Dark amber

Food Pairing

It is perfect with fish and meat preparation. An elegant aperitif to serve with cheese