A bewitching wine which gently overcomes you. Its uniqueness emerges in a particular way with a diverse but lively structure of tannins and with its strong and intensely savoury taste.

So rich with the sweet juice of black currant and candied violet which alternates with thyme and lavender, cannot pass unnoticed either by the palate of a refined taste or by that of an enthusiastic novice. It is a multi-faceted and intriguing red wine which combines the pleasure of tannin with an extraordinary persistence of taste.

Growing Conditions

- VINEYARD: Ulmo, Sambuca di Sicilia, Agrigento

- TYPE OF SOIL: Average texture, moderately deep to deep with abundant pebbles, slightly limey and with some areas of dark organic material.

- ALTITUDE: 195 m a.s.l.

- YIELD PER HECTARE: 85 quintals.


- PLANTING DENSITY: 3,800 vines per hectare.


10 September.


Second half of February.


Destalking followed by 14 days on the skins; fermentation at 280C; after racking malolactic fermentation in stainless steel.


Maturing for 14 months in barriques.

Allier oak barriques, 50% new.


This version of a densely ruby coloured Merlot.

Food Pairing

Although it can so easily be drunk on its own, its elegance renders it appropriate with white meat even when cooked with a sauce of considerable flavour, or else with some delicate fish cooked without lemon or even with baked vegetables.