It is full and harmonic and expresses a scent of red roses and elegant red berry, cherries, pomegranate and strawberry notes.


It gives the palate sensations of fullness and sugar, with fine notes of acidity and minerality that make it extremely pleasant with a sapid and persistent final.

Growing Conditions

Production area: South western Sicily, Contrada Ragana (Sciacca), Carboj islands

Disposition: 50 meters above sea level

Relief: level

Land: silty-clay in sub-alkaline reaction, with the presence of total limestone in small quantities, rich in nutrients (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc).

- Area: Sciacca, Carboy islands
- Age: 15/ 20 years
- Pruning: Guyot
- Density: 4500/4000


- Harvesting: September
- Method: by hand
- Yield: 70 per Ha. /75 per Ha.


- Fermentation: in steel


6 months


A pink not too intense with purplish reflections.

Food Pairing

This wine finds a perfect match with hot and cold appetizers of seafood, raw or smoked fish and pasta dishes made with bluefish. It can also be combined with fried fish, main courses of roast or broiled fish.